Our equipment is engineered to perform and most importantly – built to last.

Tridem Semi-Trailer:

  • Transport Liquid Fertilizer and Water for your fertilizer/spraying seasons
  • Large flat deck to install chemical handler to transport your chemical concentrates
  • No need to replace poly tanks every 7 years
  • Legal capacity for liquid fertilizer to load 1,600 gallon sprayers 4 times
  • Aluminum tank design to reduce weight and improve longevity
  • Improves your total cost of ownership

Two Compartment B-Train:

Increased payloads of two to three tonne per haul over typical trailers:

  • Small head diameter increases aerodynamics reducing fuel costs
  • Aluminum piping with SS valves and fittings for corrosion resistance and longevity
  • Light weight components used to reduce tare weight and increase payload
  • Advance external line carrier system for ease of access to electrical connections
  • Can include cabinet mounted product pump for delivery

Specialty and Unique Engineering and Manufacturing features include:

  • Train tare weights just over 9,000 kg depending on options
  • Designed to maximize payload of liquid fertilizer UAN 28%
  • Superior quality build components and extended trailer service life.

Customers make the switch to Advance Engineered Products equipment for the longevity, quality build design and tailored engineering.

World Class Leading Designs:

  • Engineered, built and tested with customers for over 35 years
  • Tough Durable Designs 
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  • Service Availability: Network of factory supported service branches
  • Warranty Coverage: Three year warranty
Advance Empty Lift System along with Tiremaax Module
Curly Cord airline for blowing out hoses.
Tiremaax Module
National service locations for certified support and Specialty parts.
30 Years of innovative design solutions built in and for the extreme operating conditions of remote Canadian locations.


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Easy to operate, low maintenance , lots of options

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