Our equipment is engineered to perform and most importantly – built to last.

When Advance entered the aviation refueler business nearly 35 years ago, our equipment quickly became known for dependability & longevity. Our reputation for constant innovations in aviation refueler technology has us recognized around the world as leaders in aviation refuelling systems.

We began manufacturing aircraft refuelers in 1987 and have provided equipment to some of the largest petroleum companies in North America including the US Navy Aircraft Refueler Program and Shell Aviation.

Aircraft refuelling vehicles with tank capacities ranging from 6,000 to 40,000 litres (1,600 to 10,600 USG).
Advance offers five different product lines; each designed to meet performance requirements for a specific sector of the refuelling industry.

  • The RV series refuellers are simple, basic units, designed specifically for light duty, fuelling applications. They can however, be fitted with premium systems
    such as closed-circuit fuel sampling and reclaim
  • The MRV series is a military variant of the RV series, with system configurations, components and capacities specific to typical military applications.
  • The WSR tanks have sloped bottoms with a central, low point drain and are available in standard and low profile. Modular design permits the World Service Refueller to be mounted on conventional or cab-forward chassis, and offers the flexibility to change the configuration or flow capacity of existing units. For added capacity, a trailer tow package is available toconnect to World Service Trailers, which also feature sloped, tank bottoms.
  • The CSR series refuellers are designed specifically to service commercial fuelling operations, where low overall height and large fuel loads are critical. All CSR
    models are non-articulated. Lift platforms are a standard item with sufficient reach for Boeing 777 and Airbus 380.
  • The ATR series refuellers are designed specifically to be air-transportable in the cargo bay of a C-130 aircraft.


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