New Partnership with VM Tarm a/s

As the world moves toward more eco-friendly alternatives, Advance announces a new partnership with VM Tarm a/s, aiding in waste management solutions for North America.

Based in Denmark, VM Tarm a/s is a European company heavily focused on environmental sustainability. They have been building liquid manure tanker trailers since the 1990s and were among the first to produce these types of tankers in Europe.

With the growing number of bio-gas plants now being built in the US & Canada, a new partnership was formed between Advance and VM Tarm a/s to provide the transportation equipment needed for moving fresh manure from site to bio-gas facilities and return it as usable gas free fertilizer to agriculture sites.

The Advance Engineered Products Group of companies will now be manufacturing and servicing Liquid Manure Tank Trailers for North America.

Advance looks forward to this new partnership with VM Tarm a/s.  

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