Fusion406 (Voiceover and 3D CAD Elements)

[vimeo id=”110172193″ width=”680″ height=”382″ autoplay=”yes” api_params=”&title=0&byline=0&portrait=0″ class=””][fusion_text]Working closely with our clients, Advance’s Engineers have designed, built and tested a new Petroleum B-Train with over 1 Million KMS and over 3 years of highway operation. The results were clear, the new Fusion406 exceeded the expectations for performance, toughness and durability.

At least 800 KGS (1,757 LBS) lighter than our previous generation. That’s 1,100 L more gasoline payload or 1.8%

Lower Centre of Gravity
Static Rollover Threshold calculations (SRT) indicate 11% less likelihood of a rollover, over the life of the unit.

More Fuel Efficient
4.5% Better fuel economy. New aerodynamic design elements create less drag, resulting in bottom line savings. For a unit traveling 190,000 KMS per year, that’s 4,100 liters of diesel fuel you won’t have to buy.[/fusion_text]

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