Advance Aircraft Refueling Vehicles

Advance Aircraft Refueling Vehicles Manufactured With Uncompromising Quality

Aircraft-Refueler-ShellAdvance Engineered Products Ltd. has been manufacturing aircraft Refuelers since 1987 and has provided equipment to some of the largest petroleum companies in North America including Shell Aviation and the US Navy

Advance manufactures aircraft refuelling vehicles with tank capacities from 6,000L to 40,000L. Our aircraft refueling vehicles are manufactured with uncompromising quality, design and layout. The equipment selection are carefully considered and based on decades of experience and co-development with world-class fuelling companies like Shell Aviation.

Every Advance Refueler is the product of experienced engineering and customer input focused on meeting the specific needs of the fuelling operation. We give a priority to ease of operation and serviceability. Wherever practical, Advance Refuelers incorporate industry standard components and avoid costly and difficult to source specialty items. Ultimately proper design also ensures that each vehicle carries its cargo safely, with accurate weight distribution and certified compliance.

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