ADVANCE Creates a Buzz at Truckworld 2012


A new tank trailer design is a rare thing in the bulk hauling business, so the industry took quick notice of ADVANCE Engineered Group’s new Ultralight Supertrain. This new petroleum tank trailer unit features a number of unique design elements including an inflatable airgap filler for increased fuel efficiency.

Lou Smerlis and crew took some time to tape a segment outlining the features of this new design for an upcoming episode of TruckNew’s Transportation Matters Show.


“I think it’s fair to say this new trailer created a lot of buzz in the industry this week.” Says ADVANCE’s Allan Paaren Director of Technical Sales and Marketing Services, “The comments, questions and feedback we fielded during the show were all extremely positive.”


The Ultralight Supertrain is engineered to help owners:

1. Increase Fuel Efficiency
A new unique trailer gap filler and other features work to create a substantial drag reduction and increased fuel efficiency.

2. Increase Payload Revenue
New components and materials cuts trailer weight by 2100 lbs., which translates into a substantial increase in revenue payload capacity.

3. Improve Safety
New lower Center of Gravity design promotes reduced rollover risk.

Advance Engineered Products Ltd. (ADVANCE) is the largest Canadian manufacturer of a broad range of specialized truck tanks and trailers and is the largest Western Canadian manufacturer of vacuum trucks and systems. The company has four divisions. Advance’s trailer division manufactures specialized truck tanks and trailers, including dry bulk trailers, insulated trailers, aircraft refuelers and other custom trailers. The Westech, division manufactures vacuum trucks and systems supplied to industrial, oilfield and environmental services companies. Dumur Industries is a precision custom metal manufacturer serving the military, agriculture, electronics and consumer markets. Lazer Inox manufactures stainless steel and aluminum on-road tanks serving the oil, dairy, food, chemical and environmental industries.

ADVANCE worked closely with a number of suppliers to help create the new design and would like to recognize the following for their contributions:

  • Samuel Metals (
  • Alcoa Wheels (
  • Dixon (
  • Haldex (
  • Groeneveld (
  • Michelin (
  • IMT (
  • ATS (
  • Truck Lite (
  • Betts (
  • Endura Paint (
  • Air Weigh (
  • Ridewell (
  • Tectran (

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